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1 Deer

Deer Sales Letter – test photo for Deer,



Finally – You Can Now Hunt Authentic Russian Boar in the USA - (imported)

If you are even remotely considering Hunting Real Russian Boar, please read on…

AnyoneCanHuntRussianBoar 1 Deer

“Alpha” Beast

The Herd Boar is the Big Breeder - He is the Dominate “Alpha” Beast and Rules the Great Northern Forest

SuperCoolSummerHuntweb 1 Deer

The “ALPHA” is for he who Must have the “Biggest” Herd Boars are the “Alpha” Beasts

DaveEAAw 1 Deer

“Alpha” Beast

  • Super-Sized “Cutters”, Massive Head, Huge Shoulders, Solid Muscles,
  • Thick Armored “Grizzled” Plate Protecting his vitals (lungs, heart and liver)
  • He is the Big Breeder, the “Herd Boar”
  • He is like no other Beast You have ever seen before.
  • Approximate Age of 5 years.
  • “Alpha” the Herd Boar has an Average Weight of 300 – 400 lbs, (Yes, there are some Bigger)
  • Note: The “Alphas” Beast are the ones that will hunt you back…

Trophy Russian Wild Boar Sp 1 Deer

Trophy Boars 

Fast & Furious “Warrior” Boars Trophy Boars have reached maturity and are exciting and challenging to Hunt. They make great shoulder mounts.

JaredTrophyPole 1 1 Deer

  • Trophies are an excellent representative of the Species
  • Trophy Boars are Good “Solid” Beasts
  • “Trophy” Class: Warrior Boar has an Ave. Weight of 200 – 250 lbs,
  • Approximate Age of 3 years
  • The Warrior Boars are classic Trophies from Bear Mountain… But there is More…

Picnic Pigs, Jr. Boars and Party Pigs…

Call them what you will but these are the Best-of-the-Best when it comes to fine Dinning.

HeroJim 1 Deer

Luxury Restaurants around the World Offer “Wild Boar” as top billing on their Menus Now You can Create Your own Gourmet Dinning by Harvesting one of our “Management Pigs”.

SurfTurfweb 1 Deer

These Delightfully Young Pigs are the most tender succulent delicacy in the forest. Since the dawn of time the Russian Boar has been the most sought after lean red meat on the planet.

JennyJenders 1 Deer

Management Boars

  • These Boars are spectacular to Eat
  • This Pig you would invite to a 4th July Pig Roast
  • Great Eating and You Don’t need a Big Gun to Harvest this Boar
  • Approximate Age of 1.5 to 2 years.
  • Management Boars –  has an Average Weight of 80 to 140  lbs, (Yes, there are some Bigger)
  • Note:  Tender Young Hams, Succlent Baby Back Ribs, Backstrap you could just Die for…

Located in Michigan’s Wild & Scenic Upper Peninsula  Easy Access to either Drive to Bear Mountain Lodge or Fly into Sawyer International Airport,  Marquette Michigan You may stay right at Bear Mountain Lodge and Experience First Class Accommodations & Dinning

BearMtnLodgeSummer 1 1 Deer

You step out of the lodge and you are into the Hunt

Nothing Else Like it in all of North America!

Discover Bear Mountain’s Super Cool Summer Hunts

This is Lake Superior Country and You can Escape the Heat and enjoy North America’s Largest Air Conditioner .

Cool Summer Breezes temper the Great Northern Forest making for a Spectacular Summer Hunt unlike any you have done before.  Michigan’s Wild & Scenic Upper Peninsula offers you the opportunity to escape the Heat and Hunt an authentic Russian Boar at Bear Mountain Lodge.

sugarloaf 1 Deer

Fill out the form Below 

and I Will Email You

Your “Super Cool”  Summer Special Hunting Rates

Go ahead and – Insert Your Email Address, Name & Zip Code

(Zip Code, is so I know you are not some Robot Machine, thing)

…into the form below – push “Click Here” and I will email you a Special Package so you can Hunt Authentic Russian Boar without leaving the USA.


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gregnewcorrected2 1 DeerMoose Man Here, Your Information is safe with me, it will not be sold and I don’t practice Spam, period. Gregory A. Johnson

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